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Doula / dula / (de (v.); -'S) [greek], 1 an experienced and skilled woman, who supports expectant parents in a non-medical way during pregnancy, the birth of their child and in the period after , 2 pregnancy- and birth coach.

"To change the world, we first must change the way babies are being born."

Michel Odent, French gynecologist

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You are pregnant! A very fun and also exciting time. A doula will help you and your partner prepare for the delivery. Because you already get to know her during your pregnancy, she knows your wishes and you build a relationship of trust with her. A doula offers calmness and confidence. During the delivery she remains continuously and is your helping hand. Women who gave birth with a doula look back on this experience more positively.

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My name is Dominique. For years I support women during childbirth. First as a midwife, later as a doula. During pregnancy I come to your house a number of times and we get to know each other better. No matter what happens, I will be continuously present during the delivery! It is precisely this uninterrupted support that has a positive effect on the birth process, known as the 'doula effect'.

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