With a doula, you will consult an expert who will look with you to clarify how you want to experience the delivery; what you need to feel safe; how you keep your confidence in your own ability; how you can connect with your baby; how you would like to lovingly welcome your child.

During your pregnancy this means ...

That you receive emotional and mental support to prepare you well for your delivery.

That you get unbiased information and practical tips
That you experience your body more consciously and learn to listen to signals.
That you get attunement from me to your unique situation.
That you get help finding answers in your situation.
That you feel supported in choices you make.
That you build confidence and experience how powerful you are in this pregnancy.
That you can be helped to shape your birth plan.

That you bond with me and I am with you throughout your delivery.
That you and your partner can make more contact with your child.
That you can practice with birthing positions, massage and breathing techniques to promote relaxation.