By who

As a little girl, I was allowed to watch babies in the maternity period with my mother (a midwife). I remember when I was 7 and answered the phone and asked how many minutes the contractions were coming.

It has been more than 30 years since I had my first delivery as a midwife apprentice. Between 1987 and 1997 I supervised more than 1000 home deliveries and 500 in the hospital. With many almost-to-be moms, I have puffed out contractions and massaged their backs; many babies have felt my hands as a first touch.

After the birth of my 4 children, I quit midwifery for health reasons. However, the love for pregnancy and childbirth has never passed. I have orientated myself in other fields related to conception, pregnancy and birth (Jaap van der Wal, Anna Verwaal, Mia Kalef, Liz Koch, Jennifer Walker). I have become aware that this period in our lives is the basis that determines the rest of our lives.

The more loving, conscious, connected, relaxed this period is for the mother and her child… the more resilient, full of zest for life and confidence they can handle life. The other soon-to-be parent can play an important role in this period

Feel safe ... Have confidence ... Stay connected

In the summer of 2018, the profession Doula came to my attention and I immediately knew “this is me”, “I want to do this”. In the autumn of 2018 I immediately started the training and the passion that I have for the entire pregnancy and birth process has been rekindled. Supporting expectant mothers, parents during their pregnancy and childbirth, a 'life changing event'. Finding their own innate strength to consciously and joyfully experience the birth of their child.

I have experience with a wide range of deliveries: the natural, the breech, the premature, the caesarean section, the VBAC, the induction, the epidural, the water birth. I have also assisted single and teenage mothers. Families where older children or other family members have been present, were certainly no exception. I am bilingual Dutch / English and guide both Dutch and international families.

I would like to get to know you and your partner and meet you where you are in your lifes journey. My role as a doula is mainly to support you and provide information, to make you feel safe, confident and relaxed during pregnancy and childbirth. I am there for you, respect your needs and wishes, I encourage you, listen to you and put your mind at ease. It is my intention to be present intuitively and consciously, to sense what is (not) needed. I appreciate it if you tell your wishes honestly and openly, before, during and after delivery.

It is a privilege to be able to attend the birth of your child and to help create a safe, familiar and peaceful environment for you and your partner.

I trained as a doula at BiAdoulatraining and regularly attend refresher courses for doula wisdom, lifestyle, healthy food, yin-yoga and perinatal psychology. For 8 years I had a practice in naturopathy specializing in color puncture, Kirlian photography, primary reflex integration and orthomolecular (PNI) therapy.

"When woman are in charge of their environment, when they have the privacy to labor undisturbed, when they feel completely at ease and supported, outcomes are always superior."

- Elisabeth Davis, American midwife