Giving birth is an age-old process… Being born is also…

Feel connected to all the women around the world who are currently giving birth to a baby… one every 2.5 seconds! With a doula you get a delivery professional who supports this process. She knows a lot about this ancient, natural process. She provides support for all types of deliveries, both at home and in the hospital.

During your delivery this means ...

Loving support without judgments. 
Help to keep control over your delivery, body, baby and life in your own hands.
If you have a medical indication, she can also guide you. For example, she can help look for options and alternatives to ensure that the delivery continues to suit your needs as much as possible.

That she comes when you need it, for support during delivery
That she will take care of the entire delivery whether it takes 8 or 24 hours.
That she is available 24/7 for your delivery from 37-42 weeks.
That she gives suggestions to promote the process.
That she creates a calm and comfortable environment / atmosphere.
That she gives reassurance when tension arises.
That she assists you in the most difficult phases of the birth process.
That she helps you relax and focus on your breathing.
That they have different techniques to help you manage your contractions.
That she coaches you to make contact with your inner strength.
That she can help communicate with medical personnel.

For your partner that means…

That he/she can take moments of rest when he/she needs it, without leaving the giving birth mother alone.
That the doula gives him/her room to help in his/her own way.
That he/she receives encouragement and tips to support the expectant mother during the birth process.
That he/she can get extra explanation and has a sparring partner when making decisions.