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For whom

For every pregnant woman

So also for pregnant women:

who are very afraid of childbirth or suffer from anxiety and panic complaints;
who are looking for support with a familiar face that is constantly present;
who have had a traumatic experience in a previous delivery and want to do things differently;
who are unsure whether their partner will be able to attend the delivery;
who want a bath delivery or have care questions outside the usual guidelines;
with a medical indication (for example a planned induction or caesarean section);
who like to give birth vaginally after a previous caesarean section;
who give birth as consciously as possible and preferably without pain relief;

whose partner wants support and advice about his role in childbirth and what he can do.

Our first child. After the conversations with Dominique, we were enriched with insights and food for thought (or rather feeling). Her support on an emotional and spiritual level was exactly what we needed in addition to the regular guidance from the midwife.

In the unpredictability of birth, Dominique was a stability and protector of my bubble and our wishes. Dominique is an emotional person with professional knowledge and very valuable to us. I wish everyone a Dominique!

Isamae ~ 2022


  • "Dominique guided us very well during the pregnancy. We felt at home with her. And with the delivery also a very sweet woman! She will get a big 10."

    - Harriet, mother of Haico (1992) and Jort (1995)

  • "Thank you Dominique for helping me just give birth after a caesarean section. This heals all the grief of my first delivery. I now know how strong I am."

    - Cecilia (1997)

  • "Dominique really helped me sort things out in my head about my pregnancy and delivery. With unpleasant memories of the delivery of my first child, I continued to worry about the imminent delivery of my second child. Dominique created an overview, gave trust and helped me make my own choices in my birth plan. She has provided a lot of support during the delivery, both for me and my partner.”

    - Mother of Hannah (2019)

  • "You helped the parents-to-be very good. You gave them confidence and calmness. Nice to see!"

    -M.C., clinical midwife (2019)

  • “My wish to be able to only work with my body and my child during the birth process of my child, was possible because I could fully rely on Dominique. She gave me what I needed at the time on an emotional and practical level. I look back on a very nice, smooth birth of my beautiful girl.”

    -C.R. mother of J. (2020)

Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear.

- Jane Weideman

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