Maternity period

Take your maternity time. Whatever color she is ...

It can be an intense time. The worst thing that can happen to a maternity woman is that she doesn't get her rest. Because she is often tired, a fresh mother does not always have the strength to set her limits and say it when something bothers her. It is nice if her environment helps her to clarify those limits and respect her wishes as much as possible.

In the maternity period this means….

That she listens to your story and can coach you through difficult moments.
That she can support the processing of a delivery that went differently than you had planned or desired.
That she instills your confidence that you can take care of your child.
As an expert by experience, she watches and empathizes with you, without judgment.
That she can watch with you and give advice on breastfeeding.
That in the first week of your child's birth, she will go through your childbirth experience with you. She may have new information for you if you have not received everything in your “birth bubble”.
That she is available by email / telephone for support up to 6 weeks after delivery.
About 6 weeks after giving birth, she has a final conversation about this special experience in your life.
That she also provides guidance if your baby is stillborn, you have had a spontaneous miscarriage or an abortion.
Support during the grieving process.
Recognition of loss and grief.
Time and space for what is now, a listening ear.
What do you need? What are your desires?


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