Options & prices

Introductory meeting ~ free & without obligation

ALL THE PACKAGES ~ look for more info on their own page

COMFORT package ~ the most ideal one € 1199,=

PLAN package ~ with planned cesarean section € 999,=

PREGNANCY package ~ only the preparation € 499,=


ADDITIONAL OPTIONS ~ at home € 133,=

(Session lasts about 1 ½ hours.)

Going to an appointment with an midwife or obstetrician.
 To provide support if you want to discuss your wishes for your delivery.

Broken membranes without contractions or Overdue massage after 41 weeks .
Polarity, back and foot massage with essential oil; acupressure points to balance.

The acupressure points can be taught to the partner.

Closing the bones, 6 weeks after delivery.
This is a beautiful ceremony to close the circle of pregnancy and birth. You will be cradled with a rebozo (a cloth from Central America) and then you will be wrapped. You will have time to relax and reflect on the past special period.


Extended Maternity Doula Care


My hourly rate is € 33,= (minimum purchase 3 hours per agreed day).
Travel time is charged at half. Travel expenses not included.
Mileage reimbursement is € 0.30 per kilometer calculated according to GoogleMaps, the shortest distance.
(no more than 30 kilometers)


Coaching after birth 

This is in development. If you like to know, please contact me.

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For all rates...

  • Prices are valid until January 1, 2024.
  • Any additional sessions will be charged extra.
  • Doula Package prices include transport costs if less than 30 kilometers one way. More than 30 kilometers, I calculate 0.30 €cents per kilometer extra. Parking costs will be charged.
  • Other appointments are excluding transport costs. These will be charged.
  • Colleagues I work with for backup are experienced and reliable. They work from their own expertise. Payment of the backup colleague is included in the price. (Unless you want an extra doula on call for you. Then costs will be charged in consultation).
  • Payment arrangements are available. Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

See also terms & conditions

The costs for a doula are not yet reimbursed by the basic insurance. More and more insurance policies reimburse (part of) the costs from additional insurance. Ask your own insurer what the options are. Also for maternity care, ask your insurance company.