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Extended maternity (doula) care


Do you need extra (maternity) care after the 8th day?
Do you need extra support or advice for breastfeeding after the 8th day?
Do you want someone to come and spoil you for a few more days?


With a YES ... you can let me come by.

As a midwife I have more than 14 years of experience.

As a doula I have more experience from 2018.

As a mother of 4, I have almost 29 years of experience.

Breastfeeding I did that myself for 36 months (total).


Based on my expertise, I can work with you to see what you need.

That can be a listening ear, a loving embrace from mother to mother, a foot massage, a polarity session, light housework, advice with whatever you ask. It's all allowed.

Feel what you need and ask for it. Then receive and continue with full confidence


My hourly rate is € 33,= (minimum purchase 3 hours per agreed day).
Travel time is charged at half. Travel expenses not included.
Mileage reimbursement is € 0.30 per kilometer calculated according to GoogleMaps, the shortest distance.
(no more than 30 kilometers)



  • Introductory meeting.
  • Appointments laid down in agreement
  • Possibilities:
    • additional maternity care days
    • breastfeeding support
    • foot massage
    • polarity session for balance
    • rebozo wrapping
    • coaching "How do I find my rhythm?"
    • light housework
    • processing childbirth experience

Knowing more?

Get in touch

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